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Re: Need Input on My site
From Deb on 18 Feb '00
replying to Need Input on My site posted by Joey G Photogifts

Welcome back...:)

I have a memory like an elephant! You've been through before and asked
for input, had a different background before I believe...

Anyway, for what it's worth...

I'd redo the 'pricing' page right away. I had to scroll right to read
them all. Plus the font was awfully small and against that wallpaper,
difficult to view without ones eyes going bonkers...

Anyway, other than that it looks pretty good...the fact it's in frames
will be a detriment to promotion, but that's another story....

Just have one question. If you're a photographer, and offering
your services for a fee, I don't see any indication of where you are
located, which would make a huge difference to anyone contemplating
using you for...say...their wedding photographs. I'd be inclined to
place a contact page prominently located off of each of the portfolio
sub-pages, instead of just on the "order" page. Also, there is no "contact"
page off the homepage, if people wish to get in touch with you for pixs
purposes. Perhaps there's a method in your madness, and you don't wish
for people to find you, as you have enough work as it is...but if the
idea is to promote 'you' as well as the products your selling, then I'd
re-design the site a bit.

Just some thoughts...


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