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Re: for sale!
From Inachu at help desk on 26 Feb '00
replying to for sale! posted by Giovanni Spataro

Well he does have an awsome domain name.

But after looking at the code.

YOu put nothing but keywords in your title!!!!!!!

No wonder your site is doing awful.

Put a real title in the title area same with the custom.html

kill any other metatag keyword you have and keep the rest of your meta tags.

No you should at minimum ulead to make menu buttons so your site
looks a little more spiffy. Ulead is around what... $45 bucks?

THe colors are pastel based.....I would use attention getting colors
like bold red and white and maybe yellow with black text.

Pastels(dusty colors) will put people to sleep!

Your title should be the type of virus then vitamins then perhaps your name.
You can't sell your name now can you????
THe first word is always most important.

If you only ran your site for less than a year then you did not put your heart into it.
But if you still want to try I would change those meta tags at least!

The paragrah and body is fine and the info is fine as well.

Then save up more money and get a new provider......
your hosting provider is slow on saturday nights......

>I give up, I can't get the trafic that I need for real business so I'm selling my domain. Anyone interested in

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