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Re: for sale!
From Deb on 27 Feb '00
replying to for sale! posted by Giovanni Spataro


Well, the first thing I'd do is re-design the site color-wise. As you
are selling the kind of products which people tend to be leery of due
to the 'snake oil salesman' should be very cognizant of
that fact and make the site look as professional and non-bogus as
possible. This means black text on a white background with tasteful
graphics and non-clashing colors. This should go a long way towards
gaining credibility.

Secondly, as for your KEY WORDS...I see the word 'heath' list once. If
indeed these are promoting and enhancing people's health I'd list that
in multiple ways (ie. health, healthy, heath-wise, etc.) few people are
likely to do a search on Alta Vista for 'your' name. So, the key here
is to think like someone going on-line to find products to make them 'feel
better' or become 'healthier' (there's another one!). I personally think
of health, vitamins (which again you've only listed once and it's down
the line after diet), and dietary supplements in that order. Also,
medicinal, healing, natural (not that they are really). But you get
the idea I'm sure.

Your testimonial to their effect on you is fine, however, keep in mind
your 'selling' these products...somehow that implies a vested interest
in touting how wonderful they are. You need to start a page of 'other'
people's testimonials, showing that many satisfied customers have benefited
from taking these supplements. If in fact they are legitimate, it's
imperative you get that message across. Also, you should definitely
have some form of disclaimer or message regarding side-effects, etc.
Such as 'check with your doctor before taking'. This is very important
to protect you legally...even the safest 'all natural' substances may have
adverse effects on some people. Your products have a special need for
this caution as they work on the metabolic system which involves the heart rate.
Check other sites such as weight-watchers or for examples of
what I mean.

Anyway, if all you wish to do is sell off the domain name, I'd put
it up for auction on EBAY with a million dollar reserve! :) If your
goal is to promote this product because you feel it has true value,
then take the time to sort out the site, promote it properly and build
it into a viable business.

Whichever you of luck,

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