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Re: for sale!
From Laura on 27 Feb '00
replying to Re: for sale! posted by Giovanni Spataro

I'm not claiming to know much but I do have opinions. I agree 110% with
Deb about the color scheme needing a rework. Your color scheme would
be more appropriate for a website selling baby clothes. Gives you zip
as far as credibility. Also, a good editor could work on your site for
10 minutes and make vast improvements in the writing.
A few things that I caught barely looking:
Supplement is mispelled in your title. It is not spelled suppliment.
There is no apostrophe in "Photos". the words "Chiropractors" and
"Medical Doctors" do not have apostophes.

Okay, also I would crop that photo of you on the home page. Do I really
need to waste my time downloading your page so that I can see some strange
guy and a lot of black space behind you in the photo? Better yet, I'd get
a better picture that looks less casual and is clearer.

On another note, I don't understand the meaning of your business
name at all. Maybe I'm dense, but I know I'm not the only dense
person in the world and you are trying to make sense to all of us so
it's worth considering a change.

Lastly, you might want to sight research to support your miraculous
colon cleansing results and other claims. It might be hard to find
good research supporting these practices because they are bogus
scientifically but try to convince me otherwise with more than
just your opinion.

I hope you succeed either selling your domain or building your site.

>Thank you for the help, I changed my title to:
>Candida Eliminator, Collagen Rebuilder, Colon Cleanser, Mineral Suppliment, Vitamin Suppliment
>What do you think?
>The colors are preset at I picked the one that seemed the best but I will check into it.
>Please keep commenting on it, and if anyone is interested in exchangeing links please let me know.
>I would still sell if the right price comes in..........
>Thanks again!

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