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Re: for sale!
From Giovanni Spataro at Spataro's Essentially Yours on 27 Feb '00
replying to Re: for sale! posted by Laura

Hello again, I got thank you so much for being so frank. I need to have people let me know what is really wrong with my web site.

You are probably right about the colors, I picked it out of about 8 temp plates on freeservers. The other colors have their paragraphs proportioned differently and at the time I did not know how to change that. That's primarily why I went with those colors. Thank you for the pointers.

I did go to a public school so I'm sorry to say that I was never taught grammar right plus my parents never spoke English, no excuses right?

My business name came from the company that manufactures these products "Essentially Yours Industries" thus Spataro's Essentially Yours. EYI promotes their company as your company with an open door to opinion and needs. Essentially Yours get it.............
Got a good idea on new business name......Your Success?

Yes I'll work on the photo, it was my up-lines wedding day it's kind of personal plus it makes it fun. I check into getting a more professional picture, or should I go with a logo?

Thanks for the heads up on key words and disclaimers too.

Finally I can assure you I would not be selling these products if I thought they did not work. I have experienced fantastic results using them and many of my customers have also. The information I provided is totally research information un-bias to my web site or even my products. If you read my information on Calorad, that info is provided by EYI but then I attempted to back it up by clinical studies that was done by a Medical Doctor by the name of Dr. John H. Norris, M.D., Ph,D. and Reginald D. Barnes, Jr., M.D....ETC.

Hey love criticism so please don't stop now......thank you!!

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