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Re: Can I please get a site review?
From MagicMan on 29 Feb '00
replying to Can I please get a site review? posted by trancier

>So to bug you guys but I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my site? I know the content is very common but this is my first major homepage/site and i like to think it's different from others out there (eg no b/s and honest advice). Anyway any advice or criticism would be hugely appreciated. thanks :)

Ok, you want some honesty and no bs, so here goes:

1) Font is hard to read, maybe a smaller, bolder font. Sometimes people don't have the same font as you do, so you may have a really great font. A trick is to add 3 or 4 font types to your tag to increase the chances your guest has something other than the generic default font
2) The header and copyright look out of place. Maybe move the header down a couple of spaces and center it and the copyright
3) Our Amazing Webmistress looked your site over, and said to make better use of tables so the lines don't run so long and there is more white space and easier to read
4) Seperate the left menu from the page content. When I first went to your site I thought the left menu matched the body content
5) Increase the left blue background to cover all the links
6) Not one of your banners show without scrolling

That's about it......good luck!

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