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Re: please rate my new site
From Inachu at Help Desk on 15 March '00
replying to please rate my new site posted by David Flowerday

Very nice site! But as I scroll down the quality changed from exelent to worse...

Use a smaller font for the contact information
and do not use the spinning email gif. <--erase and make Exchange Futures London Ltd. copyright info the mailto: hyperlink

Home | Beginners Room | Technology | Stock Index Futures <--- put this right below the <HR>
Options | Quotes & Charts | Account Forms | My Account
Links | Contact Us

The use of this web site is subject to the conditions of our disclaimer. <--- use smaller text 1 or 2 font sizes smaller

All contents of this page are 2000 All Exchange Futures London Ltd. unless otherwise noted. <--- use smaller text 1 or 2 font sizes smaller

The color is manilla like the folder...not yellow........

The ---->
Delta House
175/177 Borough High Street
London SE1 1XP
United Kingdom
fax: ++44 (0) 20 7939 9991

THis should be in the contact us hyperlink.

Hope I wasn't too harsh on ya.....

I've made plenty mistakes myself in the past.
(Thats why I use netobjects!)


>please rate my new site
>does the yellow backgrond work
>or would white or cream be better
>thank you

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