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Re: Rate my site...only my second.
From Deb on 20 March '00
replying to Re: Rate my site...only my second. posted by Bill Smith

O.K. here goes....

Lose the wallpaper...the background makes it difficult to read the text
(so does the yellow & blue typeface), also imho it looks a bit tacky,
and you should aim for the most legitimate format possible given the
nature of your business (i.e. one which many people associate with
scams, etc.) So, black text on a white background works best...

Secondly, you need to proof-read your text carefully, there are a number
of grammatical errors, which again leads people to question the validity
and true integrity of the site and it's authors.

I believe the premise has promise, and if your claims are indeed legitimate,
then you could have an extremely popular which could lead to
lucrative banner advertising down the road, if traffic warrants...

Didn't get enough of a feel for what exactly your doing, and I suppose
that's the 'hook' as they say, because you want to *sell* people on the
plan via the phone...however, if you recognize that this is a virtual community
and your mission is to draw in computer literate folks for WEB-related
work, then I'd be inclined to rely more heavily on your cyber-communication
and less on the call backs...

As of now the site consists of two pages...I recommend you expand this,
by adding some testimonials from satisfied customers of your system/service <?>
Some additional information on statistics for WEB-based home business might
also help to fill out the site...

Anyway, those are my first thoughts/impressions and recommendations.

Best of Luck,

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