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Re: Rate my site...only my second.
From Bill Smith at work from home on 22 March '00
replying to Re: Rate my site...only my second. posted by Deb

>>Thanks Deb,
>>I appreciate your feedback on my site...had a feeling you weren't
>going to like my backgrounds.
>Your welcome...and I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted
>that I'm so predictable when it comes to design! (just's
>definitely the former...:)
>I was just trying to make it
> on white is more professional though.
>I've heard different opinions about how to pitch a biz op on the web
>...some say to give just enough to get them interested, and do the
> rest over the phone. Some say to explain it outright and
>then you will only have to deal with pre-qualified people,
>or people that have ALREADY signed up under you.
>Trust me on this one...the *best* way to handle traffic/business on the
>WEB is "on the WEB"....visitors to your site should have as much
>information at their fingertips as not make them have to
>search for it, and certainly not have to provide you (a total stranger)
>with their phone number so you can 'solicit' them over the telephone!
>It totally defeats the purpose of a WEB site...which is to allow folks
>the freedom to browse (hence the name 'browser') and decide on their own
>whether or not to carry-on/follow through with what your offering. If you
>put a FAQ sheet up, along with plenty of FREE info regarding your business
>your going to generate much more traffic and those who do visit are going
>to be that much more inclined to 'try' whatever it is your proposing...
>I'm just beginning to promote my site and I'm trying to do it on a
>limited budget, so I'm not sure how many hits I'm going to be able
>to produce...any hints would be appreciated. I figured if I only got
> a few hits I would want to get the on the phone to have a better
>chance of getting the facts out (and answering their questions).
>Of course I won't even get to do that if they don't want to leave
>their phone #. HELP!!! I don't know where to go from here.
>Again, if they have questions it's because you haven't provided enough
>detail on the site...and they can always 'email' you with their queries,
>which will provide you with an instant census (i.e. what are the most
>frequently asked questions, do people seem to have difficulty understanding
>one particular aspect?...etc. etc.) these stats can go along way towards
>helping you improve your service on-line...
>As for where to go marketing-wise...I'm still in the dark as to what it
>is your hyping here, so I'm unable to give you advice on how to promote
>it outside of the normal 'deadlock Design' software route...
>Hope this helps you formulate some ideas for expanding/improving
>your site...I'd highly recommend reading Jim's "Art of Business Web
>Site Promotion" especially the part about offering the public plenty of
>FREE information...cause...on the NET 'information' is KING!
>>Much appreciative
>Glad to lend a keyboard...:)

Thanks so much for your info. I guess it would help to explain exactly what it is I'm trying to eventually accomplish, maybe you can give me some ideas. I'm an Independent Rep with Excel Communications (you might have heard of them), and they provide me with a site. Excel is an MLM program where you sign up long-distance,internet access, and paging customers, and recruit others to do the same. The site they provide has the capability to sign up customers, representatives (by credit card), and it also has an e-commerce mall with more than 850,000 brand name items for sale. The site they offer is OK, but it doesn't exactly provide everything I want. The site URL is listed above. Primarily I'm looking for other Representatives. Customers would be nice...but I want Reps. I feel Excel's site doesn't give enough info about the opportunity, and it tells nothing about what I offer them as their sponsor. I'm all for having people find out the info on my site (rather than by phone), but if I don't get quite a # of hits, this won't be effective. The main reason I'm so evasive is that I don't want to misrep Excel. I was trying to create a generic biz op page to simply field inquirees. Also, Excel's site cannot be changed, and I've been reading that in order to get high listings on Search Engines you need several "opening pages", each designed to be accessed by a particular search engine. Also, Excel doesn't have site reporting yet, so I have no idea how many clicks my Excel site is getting (if any). It makes it hard to market a site with no info provided. How would you recommend promoting my EXCEL site? I've only had my PC for a couple of months now, but I'm a fast learner...I'm just not sure what to do. I have this site with all this stuff on it, but I need traffic, and I need to be able to track the traffic. Thanks so much for your patience. I've downloaded the Demos of all the software on your site, and I'll probably purchase the full versions soon (but I need to know what to do).

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