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Re: Rate my site...only my second.
From Deb on 23 March '00
replying to Re: Rate my site...only my second. posted by Bill Smith


I would be happy to give you some creative marketing tips, but for the
kind of WEB promotion your in search of I highly recommend you contact
Jim/Jeff at deadlock for their advice/help. If I understand your goal
it is to funnel as much traffic as possible to your homepage in search
of reps for a MLM program, as the more reps you have under you the more
business/profit you generate...getting people to focus on your site vs.
the zillions of other Excel sites and 'keeping them there' long enough
for them to grasp what it is your about and how they can participate in
the program is the gist of it, correct.

So, I'd say first and foremost is creating a site which promotes well...and which
is targeted for as broad an audience as possible. Secondly, having it
promoted so that your page comes up in the first listings on SE is a must.
You can take the software provided on this site and learn to do it yourself
(which requires maintaining that level of exposure inperpetuity), or you
can check with the guys who 'really know' that aspect of the game and
either have them do it for you or at the very least consult with you so
that you'll get started on the right foot and end in the proper position.

Again, I think what your trying to accomplish is best served by getting
high rankings on the SE's and that is a complex business, one you can
certainly learn and become adept at over time, but how much is that time
worth to you? That's the crux of it at this point...

As for other alternative methods of marketing...I'll have to get back to
you as I'm in the midst of moving house and will be off-line over the
next few days...


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