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Printing from the browser - Major problems!
From Pooja Mittal at Must for Mums on 26 March '00
Hi everybody!

Ive just finished my new site - Must for Mums. We have 2 sections on the site that allow people to print stuff.

a) Name Certificates - Where you can create a name certificate using the backgrounds provided. We have meanings and descriptions of about 500 names so far and are adding more everyday.

b) Theme Parties - Where moms can print invitation cards for theme parties.

The problem is that when I allow users to print from the browser the size of the printable pictures gets reduced by X %.
Eg: The name certificates (small ones) measure 650 x 950 pixels. However when you print it it gets reduced to about 490 x 715 pixels which is an approx reduction in size of 25%. However, the problems dont end there. The reduction % seems to vary for different people!!!!

Has anyone faced similar probs before? Could you guys please try and print a sampe and let me know whats happening? I havent found any printer settings in either Netscape or IE that control this reduction %. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pooja Mittal.

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