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Thanx :o) Need help to get some stats
From Pooja Mittal at Must For Mums on 27 March '00
replying to Wow-Great looking site! posted by Jeff

>Have no idea how to solve your problem. But you've certainly created
>a gorgeous site. And one that loads quickly too. Congratulations!

Thanx a lot :o) Since we're in India the site has to load fast unless I want my users to all disappear! We've got lousy transfer!

Anyways, regarding my problem can u help me out a bit if its not too much trouble?

Can you take a print of the name certi and the invite and let me know if at least the 2 print the same size? And if yes, then what is the reduction percentage?

Ive got responses from 6 ppl and so far all have had a reduction of 25% except 1 who had a 40% reduction.
The 40% is also the one who got diffrent sizes for the certi and the invite. Unfortunately she is also the owner of the site and my client! :o(

Any help would be appreciated and once again, glad u liked the site! :o)


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