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Re: web site critique
From Deb on 10 April '00
replying to web site critique posted by Bill

>Please let me know what you think.
I think the content is great, but the title and the text color on that
background leave a bit to be desired.

Title...because I like many others I'd wager, equate the "Titanic" with's like calling your company 'The Pits' even if it does sell

The color on the other hand is downright hurtful to the eye-sight! Must
be the blue-on-blue...but I was left squinting and clicking on just about
anything to escape the nausea...which could be a good thing if your going
for click-thru's but a bad thing if you're hoping folks will hit the back
button after they've browsed a bit...

Just my first couple of insta-thoughts...I'll try and give you more feed-
back (positive as well as negative...:^} later on...

Still like the initial idea/ sure it will do well if promoted

Best of Luck,

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