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Re: Is my site ready for Yahoo?
From Deb on 14 April '00
replying to Is my site ready for Yahoo? posted by waldy

>I think my homeapage is ok.

This says alot about the site in itself....if you only think it's O.K.
then it isn't good enough, regardless of where you want to promote it!

Basically you have a site in frames, with little to no text on any of
your pages...from where I stand that has zero chance of making it on
Yahoo or any other engine...

I'd highly recommend reading the "Art of" which can answer most if not
all of your questions regarding how to go about designing your site for
WEB promotion purposes.

As for the design itself, I liked the flash...I liked the colors, I am
at a loss as to what exactly your doing other than acting as a portal to
other folks sites...but perhaps that's the only thing your interested in
doing...I would suggest a few pages of text thrown in to give people an
idea of what your about...who you are, what your doing...etc. etc.

I think the frames need to go as well eventually, if you want to get serious
about promoting it...but I'll leave that side of the advice to the SE guru's...

Sorry to be so nitpicky, but you did ask...and I think you've got the
right idea but the wrong strategy going for you at the going back
to the drawing board a bit ought to help immensely...and READ this site!

Hope it helps...good luck....


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