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Re: Absolute beginner
From Deb on 17 April '00
replying to Absolute beginner posted by Liliane Colpaert


>I am an absolute beginner and loaded my pages 3 weeks ago.

I think it is a lovely concept, and a valiant attempt for a first site!

Especially the 'choice of languages' main concern from a marketing
standpoint lies in the lack of text, link pages and photo's...

I highly recommend creating a FAQ sheet...think of questions you've dealt
with over the years (i.e. what a layman might ask of you at a craft fair
forinstance)...then answer your own questions to give people a better grasp
of the complexity and nuances of weaving...perhaps even it's history...etc.

Then you must provide more photo's of your work...examples of the finished
products...and some form of pricing guideline...yes, they can email you for
this information, but trust me...over time you will want to put as much
info on the WEB as possible to avoid spending all your waking hours typing
responses to queries...

Besides, the miracle of this medium lies in it's self-empowerment...
in allowing people the 'freedom' to *discover* for themselves via surfing through
a site...think about it...if you want to learn about a subject, find something or
someone who is an expert in a particular field, or BECOME an expert yourself, you
have the ability at your fingertips as never before...sans four or more expensive
years of college!!! <...stepping off soapbox...>

Truthfully, you have a marvelous product and a unique talent which could bring you
boatloads of clients...but as I told another 'entrepenuer' from Texas not too long ago...I'd
ask myself just how much business I could handle, and would I prefer to have an informative
site where I showcase my wares and pick and choose my buyers, or am I open to expanding
expotentially given the scope and global nature of the definately do not want to
get a reputation for not completing jobs on time, due to oversubscription, etc.,
think about this before promoting, because that can be a driving factor in just how to
configure and market your site...

Keep us posted as to how it's going...hope these few random thoughts help...

Best regards,

P.S. - I have a friend who weaves using an old American Indian loom, she dyes all her own
yarn, etc. etc. she is one of my most favorite friends and would go gaga for your
site...I will send her the URL, you may hear from her soon! :)

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