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Re: A new site and some basic questions
From Patrick Rogers at on 21 April '00
replying to A new site and some basic questions posted by Frank Blackwell

>I just launched my first web site at Iím a photographer and itís a gallery of my images. My intent is to sell these images to corporations and individuals. The prints will be of the highest quality and will be black and white, Cibachrome and Iris fine art prints. I have submitted the page to several search engines and it shows up on a few, such as, if I search by my name and a few key words but if I search for "fine art photography" for instance, it doesn't show up at all. My page is constructed in frames and I have inserted key words and a description on each page but the fact is that I really don't know what I'm doing. I would like some advice for better placement.
>I have one specific question: I have already submitted my URL to several search engines. Does that mean that if I make a change I canít just re-submit?
>I sure would appreciate it if anyone who reads this note would please take a look and offer an opinion and some advice. Thank you very much. ~ Frank~

The frames are making it so that the search engines can't index most
of you pages. The only ones they can get to is the splash page, and
the page with the frame tags. You can get arounf that with the
<NO FRAMES> Tag, but since you're navigation is all text anyways
I would junk the frames altogether. and use tables.

If your web host supports PHP, you can just use the tag

<? include "nav_bar.txt" ?> for your navigation, and only make changes
to on file, the way it is now.

Also, I would suggest doing a better job of organizing your pictures.
Collate them into groups, IE landscapes, animals, monuments, etc, so
that browsers can get to what they're interested in, you have so many
photos it's unweildy to browse through what amounts to a long
un-alphabetized list.

Good Luck!

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