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Re: Why does Yahoo! hate me ?? ;(
From Ray Anderson on 23 April '00
replying to Why does Yahoo! hate me ?? ;( posted by Amie.

For a minimum of five solid years I had an email account on YAHOO! I also used the account to bid on auctions and participate in various Yahoo online activities. Recently I woke up one morning to find that I was totally locked out of my YAHOO account. I could not access my mail account (with years of what I considered to be private messages stored) and I had even won auctions on YAHOO that very week. Like most folks would do I searched through YAHOO'S corporate bull about customer service and sent them email (just try to find a phone number). In reply I got a "bot" reply with a list of crap they wanted including the date of birth I entered several years ago. Well that was great since I don't even remember the Date of Birth thing being a requirement to get a mail account back then...and if it had of been why the hell would I give out that personal information to someone I didn't even know?? To try to reconcile the issue I sent email to YAHOO and requested a phone number where I could talk to a human and straighten the mess out. All I wanted was to get to my mail and get information on people I was going to send auction payments to. Without access to my account I could do neither and if someone or something hadn't been blundered at YAHOO I would not have had to atempt to fix it. All I got from YAHOO were more "bot" email responses - time after time after time. Now here I sit unable to pay or research people on auctions - subject to being "bumb-rapped" because they have no idea what has happened. My personal info page is available to all and I can not update or correct information. Personal mail between friends associates and me are in some storage space at YAHOO where I have no right or ability to receive mail, deleted mail or reference messages containing addresses of those I wish to contact. God forbid a bank would offer free checking, then lock up your money and refuse to let you have access or contact a human employee to reconcile the issue. This is not about me violating YAHOO rules - because as far as I know I have never been advised of any rule that makes it offensive to check or read you own mail or send normal, clean and unabusive messages to your friends or acquaintences. I understand that the mail account was free, but the "Hi-Jacking" of personal mail archives is a serious invasion of my privacy - as far as I am concerned. I trusted YAHOO and, as far as I am concerned, I will not trust those corporate YAHOOS again.
People need to know about these things that YAHOO does.

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