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Re: Doorway Pages
From Marcia on 24 April '00
replying to Doorway Pages posted by Liz Camilleri Fava

I absolutely adore frames, but found that once I started
to read up on the difficulty with search engines, I abandoned
using them. So I'll just use use them on church sites, or others
that don't need promotion, to satisfy my craving to have fun with
those things..I really do love frames.

I've read some advice that suggested putting the same good
description that appears in the meta tags into a paragraph
in a noframes section, so that search engines that don't use
meta tags will have some text to pick up. Also, the same
article suggested putting text links to the other pages in
the site within the noframes section also, so there would
be something to follow.

Doorway pages are dangerous business...I've been pondering
them myself, and will be doing up a little site to provide
semi-doorway pages (on a regular domain) to give a boost
to people with free web space who can't get listed, or whose
sites are just totally wrong for search engines, or who just
want a little additional boost. But each of the pages will
have a simple custom heading graphic, a nice background, a
photo of one of their products (these are crafts),
and some nicely written text, with an email
link for them, and a link to their main site. This is a
fun project, because I love to write, and this whole search
engine business has given me the opportunity to have an outlet
for this "creativity." I'm doing this for free for a few
friends, who have zero success with SE ranking, so nobody has
anything to lose by it.

So, because of all the warnings I've read about getting into
trouble with using doorway pages, I will do it legitimately..
it can't hurt to try, and I'm learning a lot by doing this.
Practice will hopefully make perfect..this whole search engine
thing is a lot of fun!

I've made no effort to promote my own domain site, but do
my practicing on a crafts site I did for a friend..that's my
learning lab!!

Bottom line...if you have to do doorway pages, put some
meaningful content on them to they have some intrinsic value.


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