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Re: Are copyright laws applicable to non-profit groups?
From Jeff on 26 April '00
replying to Are copyright laws applicable to non-profit groups? posted by Jason Reed

>I have a small group of individuals that do some travel together. We'd like to use some content from other sites on a site of our own, such as listings of national parks, monuments, etc. The site is mainly for our own communication and planning since we all live throughout the country, but we'll eventually list our site with search engines to offer information and promote new members.
>Most web sites include copyrights and state that it is unlawful to copy anything on their site for commercial purposes. Does this mean we are exempt from this since we make no money, and have no future intentions to do so via our website? If we give credit to our sources, is this acceptable? Most information we would copy will be listings that we could gather ourselves, so it's basically a matter of conveinience.
>Also, what is the difference for websites that are ".org"? Do they have special limitations and/or restrictions? They are offered to the public, but seem to be handled the same way as any other site. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Copyright laws protect against theft of content by for-profit or
non-profit groups. SOME sites may ALLOW non-profit groups to use
their content. In the absence of such permission, use of copyrighted
content is prohibited.

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