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Re: Problems with forms
From Clint Brooks on 2 May '00
replying to Re: Problems with forms posted by Darryl

Actually the problem is probably with the way in which your browser has e-mail set up. I have found that browsers on machines that use networked e-mail, or that do not have an e-mail account set up with them, will not post the data properly, but those that are set up to connect form and mailto: links will.

The proliferation of e-mail servers that will not accept e-mail relaying makes this task more difficult as many people use e-mail relaying to access work or school e-mail accounts from an unrelated ISP.

>You need to use a cgi script the send form info. And you will need a cgi-bin on your server.
>What you are using is only good for capturing email addresses.
>>I have a problem with the form I am setting up on my page When the form is filled out using Netscape, it the results go thru to my email ok. However, if I use Explorer 5 all that happens is Outlook pops up with the new mail message screen and the form is not posted to my email account. Any ideas?
>>Grahame Beard

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