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Re: Tags and being found
From jeannie on 4 May '00
replying to Re: Tags and being found posted by David A

>>I have recently been trying to get high ratings on some of the bigger search engines / directories, and have succeeded in as far as when someone types in 'Macworld' we come up in the top 10 of Yahoo. However, this is really only useful if people know the name of our magazine - what I want is to come in the top 10 for those typing in 'Mac' or 'Macintosh', or other related words. How do I go about it?
>>Also, the $200 charge that Yahoo and LookSmart charge for automatic submissions - is this worth it? How long does it last, and is it that much better than doing it yourself?
>>And finally, how often do you need to submit URLs to the top engines and directories to stay up there - are we talking every day, every week, once a month?
>Becareful about using keywords you don't own the rights to. If someone searches for Mac or Macintosh regarding computers I'm sure Apple will be upset if you steal visitors from them. The courts have ruled on cases like this. One example; an adult oriented site was using the word Playboy in its tags. Playboy sued and won.
>I monitor rankings weekly and submit as necessary but not sooner than 2 week intervals. Typically some pages need a resub every month or so.

David - What is the best method of monitoring your site? Is there a software package you recommend?

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