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Re: Tags and being found
From Nicholas at AdVantage Pawluk on 5 May '00
replying to Tags and being found posted by Jo Brown

>I have recently been trying to get high ratings on some of the bigger search engines / directories, and have succeeded in as far as when someone types in 'Macworld' we come up in the top 10 of Yahoo. However, this is really only useful if people know the name of our magazine - what I want is to come in the top 10 for those typing in 'Mac' or 'Macintosh', or other related words. How do I go about it?

Jeez, a thinker. Jo, once you get past that realization, it becomes insanely complex, a process of testing, dredging logs, pondering, testing again, ad infinitum. Jim Rhodes knows as much as anyone, I'd suggest just peeling a few bucks out of budget and talking to him. Since you're in the UK, you might even force a face-to-face meeting on him, and make him come out in the sunlight.

>Also, the $200 charge that Yahoo and LookSmart charge for automatic submissions - is this worth it? How long does it last, and is it that much better than doing it yourself?

Very worth it, if you're making money off it. I imagine it lasts quite awhile, Yahoo and LS are not known for extempraneous re-editing. It is no better than doing it yourself, to my knowledge, simply a substitute for not being listed at all.

>And finally, how often do you need to submit URLs to the top engines and directories to stay up there - are we talking every day, every week, once a month?

The question Job went to Delphi to have answered. The SEs are in a continual flux of brilliant hypotheses, dumb executives, and IPO frenzies. Though one can predict the next oddity of an SE by tracking the news carefully, it usually isn't worth it. You just keep patiently resubmitting pages, trying to keep within the daily tolerance of the particular SE. Yes, Web Position Gold does a passable job of this, far better than any other availble tool.

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