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Re: Craig
From Mini on 6 May '00
replying to Re: Help! Site critique please. posted by Craig Boas

>>Please help me! Could you please tell me what I need to do to make my site more attractive, also could you tell me what you might think of my One-Of-A-Kind gifts, I'm going to be adding more, but right now this is all I offer. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
>First of all, it's a nice site, and I like your products, but I do
>have a few technical suggestions that might make it better. First off,
>your link color is too close to your text color - for people who view
>your site with link underlining turned off, it's a bit hard to tell
>where the links are. I see that you use a "hover" link color, but
>that doesn't help your visitors until their mouse pointer passes over
>a link, and even then it only works in the later versions of MSIE.
>Second, you need to consider the placement of your site content in
>relation to your background on different sized screens. I run at
>1024 width and 2/3 of your content appeared on the white area and 1/3
>was on the yellow area of your background. To fix this, you could
>either left-justify your content or change your background graphic
>(extend it and/or get rid of the yellow). Personally I *like* the
>background and I'd advise just left-justifying, but that's a design
>decision you need to make.
>You're a little heavy on the banner ads and such. I counted nine
>graphics/insets that were ads or otherwise not really part of your
>site. One per page is fine, but a long list of banners detracts from
>the page's appearance.
>The link entitled "Come watch the slide show of our bibs!" takes me to
>a screen that asks me to please wait, but nothing ever happens.
>There's a menu there, but no slideshow. Is this something that works
>only in MSIE?
>Finally, the shopping cart looks very different from the rest of your
>site. I realize this may be something that you can't fix, but the
>site would benefit from a more "integrated" shopping cart screen.
>Looking at the code, the words baby and gifts appear more than three
>times each in your keywords meta tag. Some search engines will
>penalize you for that (other people may have more insight into this
>aspect of the site) so if you're having trouble getting listed under
>those words, you might try changing that.
>Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps. Feel free to browse to my site
>and return the favor (or return fire, depending on how you look at
>it ;-)

Gulp: I appreciate your suggestions I can swallow it. My question is how do you make changes for the background, it's suppose to be 2/3 white and on the far left 1/3 yellow, so your saying make the changes,for instance make it be all white with the daisy flowers only? I guess the slide show must come out I worked hard on that, I know it loads slow,I have a lot of images. For the shopping cart maybe if I had categories, so I could group it into tables like yours?
I like your site very much and nice products, it loads fast.
;-)Thanks Mini

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