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Re: Help! Site critique please.
From Mini on 6 May '00
replying to Re: Help! Site critique please. posted by Craig Boas

>Dear Mini:
>>Gulp: I appreciate your suggestions I can swallow it.
>I'm glad you can take it in the spirit in which it is intended, I
>really *do* like your site - the things I listed are design nitpicks,
>but I wouldn't be helping you if I didn't say anything.
>>My question is how do you make changes for the background, it's
>> suppose to be 2/3 white and on the far left 1/3 yellow, so your
>> saying make the changes,for instance make it be all white with the
>> daisy flowers only?
>If you want the 2/3 white 1/3 yellow effect, make a table with the
>following tags (making sure to remove any HTML tags that would cause
>this table to be centered!):
><table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=600>
> <td width=90> </td>

I will work on all the info you gave me this weekend sometime. I have lots of work cut out for me. chew- chew-cough-cough-ouch. just kidding.

> <td width=510>***CONTENT GOES HERE***</td>
> What this will do is create a table with two very long columns.
>The first one is empty, and creates a 90 pixel wide left margin (which
>happens to be the width of the daisy image plus a little white space)
>and the second would contain the rest of your page. By setting the
>table to a fixed width in pixels and not centering it, it takes up
>the leftmost 600 pixels of the screen, irrespective of what size your
>viewers' screens are. This is important because your gif background
>will have a white area which is about 609 pixels wide no matter what
>resolution they are using. When visitors with large screen resolutions
>visit your page they'll just see a wide yellow border on the right.
> Next, where I wrote "***CONTENT GOES HERE*** you'd just cut and
>paste all the content of your current page.
>>I guess the slide show must come out I worked hard on that, I know
>>it loads slow,I have a lot of images.
>Actually, I checked it out with MS Internet Explorer and found it
>worked just fine (and didn't take too long to download). It just
>isn't showing up in Netscape Navigator. I looked at the code and
>figured out that the problem is that you use the DIV tags, but to get
>this effect in Netscape I believe you need to use LAYER tags. It's
>a pain in the, um, neck to get this sort of effect working in both
>browsers, but it's possible.
>> For the shopping cart maybe if I had categories, so I could group
>> it into tables like yours?
>I think your shopping cart layout is just fine - I was just referring
>to how, when someome clicks "add to cart" the screen they end up at
>doesn't look like the rest of your site.
>>I like your site very much and nice products, it loads fast.
>Thanks! You don't have to pull any punches you know :-) I can take
>it as well as I can dish it out (and I appreciate the value of honest
>criticism at least as much as praise!)
>>;-)Thanks Mini

Wow! That's simple enough.

As per the shopping cart page, the company I work with would only allow us to add our logo, I don't think I can fix that, it would be great if I could, I want every one wanting to place an order, to be comfortable at doing so, It takes them to a secure on line ordering page.

Thats great to know the slide works, but should I take it out or just say it does not work with Netscape Navigator.

I will work on all the info you gave me this weekend sometime even all the banners on my pages. I have lots of work cut out for me. chew- chew-cough-cough-ouch. just kidding.

Once again I do love your site and products.

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