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Re: Help! Site critique please.
From Craig Boas at French Accents Antique Furniture on 7 May '00
replying to Re: Help! Site critique please. posted by Mini

>I made the changes to the Apple Bib page, I wondered if you could look at it and see if it works now for all different sized screens and does it look centered. I hope this is what was meant in order to fix it.
>I made changes the link color and also said that the slide show does not work with Nestscape Navigator.

I checked the Apple Bib page and it's perfect.

Also, if you replace the link to the slideshow on your home page with
this code, people with browsers that can view the slideshow will get
a link to it, but those who do not have the ability to see it will get
a different link - in either case, you don't have to explain it won't
work in Netscape, because they'll be expecting the menu of products.

---cut here---

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
//This code is for IE v4 or better - these people can see the slideshow
if (navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && navigator.appVersion >
= "4.0")
{document.write("<a href='Slides.htm'><font face='Belwe Bd BT' color='#800040'>Come watch the slide show of our bibs!</font></a>")}
//This code posts text if not
{document.write("<a href='Slides.htm'><font face='Belwe Bd BT' color='#800040'>Click here to view our products!</font></a>")}

---cut here---

If you have any problems with this code, it may be that the Deadlock
BBS has cut some lines in half (I'm not sure if it will do that). Try
it out in MSIE and Navigator and you'll see how it works.

We're getting to the point where the discusison is probably of little
interest to the bulletin board at large. If you would like to
continue, we should probably switch to direct e-mail (I am


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