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site review please
From Gary at Car Audio Wholesale on 7 May '00
I am in need of some first impressions for my new site design. Iíve tried to find the fine line between a personable site, and "eye-candy" presentation, and a somewhat professional site. I have been doing face-to-face business all of my life, this Internet world is so strange.

Is this site exciting, or too gaudy?

Too "pretty", not technical looking?

Anything confusing?

If you could replace the pictures, what would you choose?

How is the color scheme?

Would non-bold text on the home page be better? readable? (see this for comparison:

Is it professional, yet personable?

What would you change about this website?

Please try an ordering test (donít send money) by both credit card and check, and tell me what you think. Where you would enter your credit card no., just put the word "test". Walk through the "check / money order" cart. Any information you submit will be discarded. Do these carts integrate well with the rest of the site? Is it simple and strait-forward, concise, yet professional? Imagine that this was something you really wanted... would you feel comfortable and secure ordering here? What is your basis for your comments - have you shopped extensively online?

Also, do I have a chance at getting listed with Yahoo and Looksmart - what do I need to do to get their approval?

Thank you so much for any and all comments.

Very truly yours,

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