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Re: New Website-Long, Unknown URL
From Dave Taylor at Worcester-Design on 10 May '00
replying to Re: New Website-Long, Unknown URL posted by Patrick R

OK, I've been looking for just this. The solution I found was (Unsure whether it's a UK only site but worth a look). They give free domain names ( / and a free bit of server space to stick your site. Instant solution. However, with most things there's a catch and it's this: they are an ISP and they want you to access the web using their dial up, etc. so if you don't access them over a period of 90days they terminate your account and keep your domain name. This doesn't bother me since I just put a reminder in my diary to use their dial up every month - everybody's happy! Excuse me yet again if you don't want a .uk name.
Another solution: A free redirection service such as - haven't looked into it too much but I guess you register a name with someone and these people redirect all your traffic to your obscurely named original site or whatever.
Just a few ideas.
Good luck with it all!

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