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Please Review my site!
From Nick at Get Free Money Onlin on 10 May '00
I just put my site online, It's mainly about the Programs
of Get Paid for surf, read/send Email, and other rewards programs
which pay you for doing something.
And I have collected some Free money,info,and softwares online.

Actually, I don't know how to arrange these two contents. Since everyone is growing fast. Shall I put the free stuffs in another site(But, right now,there is no enough content to become as a new site)?

And :
1. Shall I keep "get paid for surf" (or other pages) always a single
page or divide it into 2 or 3 pages (since it's very long)?
2. What should I put in my index.htm,
Except for the title(subtitles)?
3. How about the colors? I am not satisfied with the color of my
words and backgrounds. I don't want too much colorful, but a neat feeling?
4. How about my font size? Too large for title or too small for body?
5. Should I put more graphics or keep them as low as possible,
It will decrease my load speed.
6. Should I put some introduction to "Get Paid for" concept and
give more detail reviews on programs ?
7. How shall I arrange the programs, according to quality or name?
8. How can I integrate my updates ( on my index.html) with old
contents in other pages?

Sorry for so many questions, I deadly need your advice, any suggestion
will be greatly appreciated.
my website is:

Thanks a lot and have a good day for everyone!

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