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Re: New Website-Long, Unknown URL
From Patrick R at on 10 May '00
replying to Re: New Website-Long, Unknown URL posted by Dave Taylor

>OK, I've been looking for just this. The solution I found was (Unsure whether it's a UK only site but worth a look). They give free domain names ( / and a free bit of server space to stick your site. Instant solution. However, with most things there's a catch and it's this: they are an ISP and they want you to access the web using their dial up, etc. so if you don't access them over a period of 90days they terminate your account and keep your domain name. This doesn't bother me since I just put a reminder in my diary to use their dial up every month - everybody's happy! Excuse me yet again if you don't want a .uk name.
>Another solution: A free redirection service such as - haven't looked into it too much but I guess you register a name with someone and these people redirect all your traffic to your obscurely named original site or whatever.
>Just a few ideas.
>Good luck with it all!

You want to be careful with "free" sites often times they register the domain name with them as the technical, billing and administrative contacts which means they are the ones who actually OWN the domain. If problems arise, and you want to go somewhere else, too bad, you have to buy the domain from them, or start over. Again, I repeat, a domain name costs $35 a year (web hosts as low as $3.95/month, although I recommend Hurricane Electric), which when your talking about a business environment is spare change, why risk something as valuable as your domain name for a savings of $35?

On top of that, when you get a website with a free provider, you waive the right for intellectual property rights, meaning anything you post can be taken by the provider and resold, repackage, or whatever without having to pay you. Free services are a mineflield, be very careful. You get better service and support when you're a paying customer, if your serious about your website, it's worth it.

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