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Re: Please Review my site!
From Deb on 10 May '00
replying to Please Review my site! posted by Nick

The right idea...get folks to join in your 'get paid to surf the WEB
pyramid scheme' but I'm afraid it's lost amongst the miriad of banner

Honestly, if you had anything more going on...the site could be classified
as a circus!

Gave me a headache just looking at it! :)

Somehow, multiple flashing banners and neon links aren't condusive to
long term browsing...the fact that there is no text to be seen is also
an amazing feat of WEB site production/design. Won't help you with the
search engines, but I guess in your business...links are the name of the

Again, in my haste to get some shut-eye, I've not delved into the site
further...will try and give a more comprehensive overview later this
week...Sorry I couldn't be more positive, but I was left a bit overwhelmed
by the bazaarness of it all!


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