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Re: Knee deep in Frames-Have I wasted my time?
From Patrick R at on 11 May '00
replying to Knee deep in Frames-Have I wasted my time? posted by Darvin

>Excellent board.
>I'm about half way done with my first web page and discovered (from reading the archives) that Frames are bad news as far as SEs are concerned. I've got so much time invested in my page that I dread the thought of starting over. Does anyone have a word of encouragement? Or, have I wasted my time?

If you really want to use frames, you haven't wasted your time, but using frames actually creates more work, not less.

If you're too attached to your frames to get rid of them and use tables instead, what you need to do is create a <NOFRAMES> </NOFRAMES> Section, and create a second site within the <NOFRAMES> area. This is so people without frames, and spiders can still access your site.

Since you will be basically recreating what you did, only without frames, and since your site doesn't depend on frames(tables would work just as well), I'd recommend starting over and using tables. The only benefit to using frames is to keep the navigation bar visible at all times, and your site doesn't have many long lengths of text, which means that your visitors won't have to scroll much anyways. Frames seem unneccessary to me. Also I hate it when the scroll bars stop in the middle of the window, but that's just a pet peeve.

You don't have to start over though, just make a mock-up of what you've done so far, same graphics, same navigation bar, only use tables, then cut and paste the body. The only things you'll need to change are the links. You'll need to set the margins to zero so the pages don't float(check out an HTML Tome at the Bookstore to find out)

PS. To avoid having to change the navigation bar on every page when you add a section, use PHP or ASP to add the navigation text.

<? include navbar.txt ?>

where navbar.txt is the HTML of the navigation bar.

I also use this for my footer, so whenever I update the footer.txt file, the entire site has the updated footer and I don't have some pages that say revised June 5th, 1998 or whatnot.

Hope This Helps!

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