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Re: Compare and Contrast please
From Deb on 15 May '00
replying to Compare and Contrast please posted by Bob Bonham

Hi Bob,

>Hey, I'd like the help of all you site critics out there!

First of all, let me say that your site wins hands down as far as I'm
concerned if for no other reason than its download time...I gave up
waiting for the intro page to load on the other site and their homepage
wasn't any better! Not to mention the 'frames' which are next to impossible
to promote...yes, I definately vote for your design...but do have a
couple of suggestions:

1) The city links on the left do not appear at first glance to be links...
has to do with the color I believe...think if they were underlined it might

2) I'd move the two sentences at the bottom of the homepage to the right
hand side opposite the city links. This is for two reasons:
first, I have a 17" screen and might not have thought to scroll down
before clicking on one of the city links as it appears the whole page
is in view. Also, the sentences don't match the rest of the page design,
perhaps a shortened version or links of some kind (even banners)would
work better.

As for the sub pages of individual city offices, the fact they're in frames
again makes them difficult to promote and the design seems out of place
with the initial intro/homepage...perhaps taking the photo's on HMC's sub pages
and making them into star shapes (i.e. the Lonestar State right?) might
tie in *your* intro page to the subpages...just one suggestion...because
the buttons on your city pages don't seem appropriate. Anyway, I'd work
on blending the two more...but try losing the frames and using a bit more
text if you want it to promote properly.

I liked Milestones intro design alot! Best of luck incorporating the sites
together if that's what you decide to do...


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