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Re: I'd like a critique please
From Nigel Campbell at peekaboo on 16 May '00
replying to Re: I'd like a critique please posted by Deb

>Hi Nigel,
>First may I say my hat is off to you for your consideration in producing
>a handicapped 'text only' version of your site in conjunction with the
>graphic one.

Thanks, I hope it will develop a life of it's own in the future.

>I think the ease of navigation is
>also a plus, although the only way I found to get back to the initial
>intro page was via the exit, don't know if you want to allow people back
>to the 'start' off of the subpages or it's better to make them wind their
>way through til the end. I suppose there are benefits to either route...

If you are refering to the home page (the one with the news on it) you can get there from the core page (brain) by using the NEWS button... is this not clear? Or did you mean the initial animated intro?
>Anyway, found it as much fun as a video game without the stress of losing!
>and learned quite a bit whilst I was at it...all an all a real treat...but
>I'd still reconsider the background color!
>Wonder what other folks think of it....I once heard orange was condusive
>to 'thinking/learning' is that why you chose it cause it goes with the brain..:)

Wow, glad you enjoyed it, may I use some of these comments on the Site (email not includedof course)?

Orange is my corporate colour.
The peekaboo logo generally appears as orange on a white background, but I felt that I would reverse this for the site. the original site was white pages with orange logos, mostly I fancied a change, and there are not too many orange websites. My hope is that it's not because they are unreadable!

Nigel Campbell

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