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Re: I'd like a critique please
From Nigel Campbell at peekaboo on 16 May '00
replying to Re: I'd like a critique please posted by Bob Bonham

>>I have just finished redesigning my company web site, and it was suggested to me that I post here asking for a critique. so that's just what I am doing:
>>I Look forward to some input.
>>Nigel Campbell
>your site does such a GREAT job of illustrating the new web design techniques that I plan on using as a teaching tool for the technologically challenged (i.e. my boss)

I'm glad you said that, Often the people charged with finding a web design agency, are not the people who hold the purse strings. My intention is to give those people information that they can use to convince their bosses to make wise choices.
>Fireworks rules doesn't it?

Yes, I used to do everything in Photoshop, but I find that I'm uing Fireworks more and more these days as it saves so much time - and time as I'm sure you're aware is money.

>I love it, but you should take out the <!--start pasting html here...--> from the takes up space and download time (picky picky)

I still have a bit of HTML to tidy up, but I got sidetracked on another project.. I'll get on to it this week.
>also, your exit.html, memory/index.htm took a long time to load on my system...

Any chance you could post your system details e.g. modem speed, platform, processor OS ?
>Very cool

Thanks Bob, for extra fun try going to the site and looking for a page that does not exist:

Have fun
Nigel Campbell

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