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Re: Compare and Contrast please
From Nigel Campbell at peekaboo on 16 May '00
replying to Compare and Contrast please posted by Bob Bonham


IMHO I hated the site.

I'll leave aside the painfully slow animation that wasn't worth waiting for, and the fat graphics that need to shed several K.

I am not a big fan of giving so many choices on a single page.
All those buttons just confused me. Here's what I wanted to see, maybe 1 page per item:

1. Who is this company and why should I choose them, What is their USP?

2. What are the services They provide. Limited to 5 or 6 choices (if you need more then you should sub-section them)

I am unclear who they were aiming this site at. It did not entice me to explore. I kept thinking, if this site were a house, I wouldn't buy it.

But yes the asp facility is useful.

Your site on the other hand has a simple and quick loading splash page.
and an easy to navigate interface, though i have to admit, I was confused as to what the buttons where meant to represent (they reminded me of footprints).

I would also change the typography to something more modern, and lose the 3d MMC logo in the middle, your logo is not your business, give centre stage to something I want to see.

Generally I would say, think about the site from the end user point of view. Selling houses is about people, families, houses are buildings, people make them homes. I would approach all the visuals and copy from this angle. (I kind of thought you would after the pictures on your splash page).

Sell your sections. For example. Instead of just having a button marked payment calculator, have a short piece of text to sell it like (top of my head) : "How much will your payments be? You choose the amount, and let us do the math"; this approach seems friendlier and takes no extra technical skills to implement.

Any way I may be rambling so in answer to your question... your site good,.... their site bad.

Nigel Campbell

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