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Re: Compare and Contrast please
From Bob Bonham on 16 May '00
replying to Re: Compare and Contrast please posted by Nigel Campbell

>and an easy to navigate interface, though i have to admit, I was confused as to what the buttons where meant to represent (they reminded me of footprints).

okay, the red footprints are going to die.
I think I will use Deb's idea of stars.

>I would also change the typography to something more modern, and lose the 3d MMC logo in the middle, your logo is not your business, give centre stage to something I want to see.
re typography: what do you suggest...something formal like Times Roman, or plain ol' Arial? no script fonts right?
re logo: yes, someone else at my office said the same thing.
are you thinking picture, or are you thinking something functional...that does something...

>Sell your sections. For example. Instead of just having a button marked payment calculator, have a short piece of text to sell it like (top of my head) : "How much will your payments be? You choose the amount, and let us do the math"; this approach seems friendlier and takes no extra technical skills to implement.

Nice, great idea!

Nigel, I have to admit, your suggestions are top notch, but they will be the end of me ! :)

I really agree that it needs to be more "people friendly" but that's such a hard thing ... for me anyhow...

I don't want to load up too many graphics, ugggh!!
I don't know what to do.

how do you suggest I integrate the "people friendliness" of my the picture of texas with the rest of the site?

Thanks for you time,
I appriciate your help, this is my first real site, so I want it to be as good as possible!
Bob Bonham

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