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Re: Compare and Contrast please
From Nigel Campbell at peekaboo on 16 May '00
replying to Re: Compare and Contrast please posted by Bob Bonham

>okay, the red footprints are going to die.
>I think I will use Deb's idea of stars.
Or houses, small coloured graphics, after all your icons should represent what you do.
>re typography: what do you suggest...something formal like Times Roman, or plain ol' Arial? no script fonts right?

Yes the script fonts are just too much. In this instance I would go for a mix, e.g. Times for headings, ariel for body copy or vie-versa

>re logo: yes, someone else at my office said the same thing.
>are you thinking picture, or are you thinking something functional...that does something...

You could use the space for remote (disjoint) rollovers which changes as you mouseover the other buttons, maybe that's where you put your brief explanation copy. (see my site)
>Nigel, I have to admit, your suggestions are top notch, but they will be the end of me ! :)
>I don't want to load up too many graphics, ugggh!!
>I don't know what to do.
>how do you suggest I integrate the "people friendliness" of my the picture of texas with the rest of the site?
OK first off. don't do anything on your computer.

I design my sites on paper... If you don't you'll waste time and effort (and money). Write the copy first, and show it to people, get their input. If after reading it they are interested in what your company does, then it works, if not, then no amount of fancy design will help.

Then plan out your pages, if you want to keep images to a minimum, then keep them small (both colour depth and pixel size) and duplicate them on all pages, that way they are coming from the user's cache. Use a preload cheat by putting images for future pages at the bottom of previous pages scaled to 1 pixel x 1 pixel. (Max 2 per page)

Choose 1 picture to sum up each section, You have to trade off some speed with having a page that looks interesting. Again, do it all on paper. when you have it all together, and (most importantly) approved by whoever pays your salary/invioce; then it should be a lot easier to put together.

Hope this helps

Nigel Campbell

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