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Re: Compare and Contrast please
From Deb on 16 May '00
replying to Re: Compare and Contrast please posted by Bob Bonham

>well, tell me if I'm being silly here...that text is not intended for visitors eyes....
>It's sole purpose is to get me up there in the search listings...
> that wrong?

No not at all...but that's not enough text to effect that I'm afraid.
Better to place the important bits (i.e. the mortagage form link) up
where it can be seem at first glance...then place a proper introductory
paragraph or two or three at the bottom of the page for promotional purposes
both by giving folks a clear overview of your Company and it's products/
services and enhancing ranking on the engines....

>yeah, ... I know the design isn't the best with the frames and all, but I was thinking that I could submit each office's frames page to the search engine and use the city as a keyword to improve search engine ranking...
>what do you think?

Not sure that will work effectively...but will defer to the SE guru's

>do you mean use stars instead of those weird little round red buttons no one seems to like?
>...I guess...(disapointed) ...but I liked my buttons :)

Save em for the Fourth of July Firesale at your on-line
Mortgage Auction House!!! heheh.....

>Thanks for the good info, Deb!

Your welcome, Bob...:)

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