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Re: Graphics not working
From Brian on 14 August '00
replying to Re: Graphics not working posted by Bob Stewart

I prefer using netscape to download html.
IE is good for using a site as a local refrence when offline.
But IE modifies the code slighty and puts in a comment that it was saved from url: *******.com

I use Netscape when I want to edit and upload at a later time.

I never uploaded an IE file that was saved to my computer....
I never did that because IE will replace within the Href with file:\\
and you have to re-edit the whole document all over again.

Stick with Netscape when editing and use IE for refrence.


>>It depends if the path to the images are relative or not.
>>For instance their img src could be pointing to
>>/images/small.gif so when you download the html it will look for
>>the images directory and you may very well not have one.
>>Its better if you copy using IE then it will take everything with it.
>>Netscape just takes the html.....
>>Both are good for their own reasons.
>>Thanks for your reply Brian. I think I was using IE when I copied the html. I was using AOL and I think they use IE. Could you tell me, if I edit the html and upload it to the same site I copied it from, will the graphics work then?
>I appreciate your help.
>Bob Stewart
>>>I copied the html from web site: to my site ant to do some editing for their site, but the graphics do not work on my site. Can you tell me why? What do I have to do to make the graphics work? Please respond by email. Thanks, Bob Stewart

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