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Re: Site Review
From Deb on 25 May '00
replying to Site Review posted by Brian O'Connor

Hi Brian,

My first impression upon entering is WOW...what SUPER Wallpaper!!!
and this from someone who usually HATES wallpaper...thinks it's
distracting and should be eliminated for the sake of our eyesight...

Then you go and cover it over my opinion, not too
terrific graphic design...never been partial to brown, and don't like
the flashing lights, so it's not winning me over on either count.

From a practical, 'is it going to sell?" standpoint, the site is easy
to navigate and the products are certainly worth the surf...but I'd
venture to say if you redesigned that frame set up...say something
in the shape of a guitar or a sheet of music with notes and/or staffs or
something that ties in with the theme of the site, it would be much
more appealing...

Sorry to be so negative, but I truly think the opening WELCOME far
exceeds the finished download in visual appearance...

Also, I'd recommend placing the prices underneath each of the thumbnails
as people click-thru....let them see the cost up front...if it's a
direct link to the shopping cart/purchase, they're more likely to buy.

Just a couple of thoughts/suggestions...hope it helps...

Best of luck with the WEB business,


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