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Re: please help!!
From Patrick at on 26 May '00
replying to Re: please help!! posted by sridhar

As for the doorway pages, my suggestion would be to create pages specifically for that task. Create a keyword-heavy, site-descriptive page, with links into your site. "About Us" is somewhat secondary because it is about you, not your site, which is what the users are actually interested in. True, they might want to know about who you are, but usually that is either for contact info, or to assuage their fears of dealing with a fly-by-night business. So rather than adapting any existing page(other than a "home" page), I would create one from scratch.

As far as meta keyword limit, that really comes down to the site. A very broad, general subject requires a large number of braodly-defined keywords, if your site is niche, or has a few strong points, it would be better to narrow your keyword list and repeat it. This raises your keyword density, which is very important. Another note, every page doesn't have to have the same meta tags. For instance, even though the meta-tags aren't up yet, I am developing a home gardening site, which could be very broad, but because different, narrower categories have their own pages, I can use my homepage for braod, vague keyowrds, and then get right to point with the other sections. On my Roses page, there won't be any keywords about fruit trees or organic.

About an actual limit on the number of keywords, there isn't a limit that I'm aware of, but I haven't looked into it because it shouldn't be a problem for me. I have seen sites with 30-40+ keywords, so if you don't go far above 50, you should be fine.

best of luck!


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