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Why did Yahoo Block my e mail access?
From Cady on 30 May '00
replying to Why does Yahoo! hate me ?? ;( posted by Amie.

One day, I got this message, 'Chidren under 13 need their parent's avail, etc...". My access to my own e mail account was blocked, and the only way to unblock it was to give my credit card number !!!
I sent numerous e mails to Yahoo to explain the following :
I am 32. I will not give my credit card account, as Yahoo mail is free, and I do not wish to have slepless night worrying that someone has my credit card number/
I am w free lance writer and I'm missing jobs and e-mails important to me and most of all my ADDRESS BOOK. This is a catstrophy for my short carreer.
I sent them my social security number.
I BEGGED to just have access once to my address book and retrieve all my addresses.
EVentually, I was so desperate I tried to put in my credit card number.
I couldn't !!! I have to ask MY PARENTS !!! Of course, my parents (both around 70, and unfamiliar with credit cars anyway) will NEVER give they're credit card numbers!!!
I, 32, married, am abusively denied access to my e mail, and humilited by this treatment.
Plus, I can't get id of this stupid Yahoo pager that barks "Children under 13 blah blah blah' and that pops up everytime I go online.
I told my friends, and they laconically said, 'Oh, yahoo does that to everybody'.
I even gave them my other e mail so they could email me a solution.
No reply.
It's just so ABUSIVE and RUDE.
Any solutions, anybody?

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