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Re: Site Review
From Deb on 30 May '00
replying to Re: Site Review posted by Jeff


>I kinda liked the site. Yeah, why brown?? But otherwise I'd consider it
>better than 95% of the small sites I've seen.

Yes, but we're going for "really" liked it...which is why he asked...

>As for having a musical instrument frame, that's easy for you to say!
>Most of us can't turn out professional graphicss. And I doubt great
>graphics do much to ring the cash register. Ever look at Yahoo?

Ahem....I am a 'woman' thus decorating goes to a chromosomal level..:)
and I'm not talkin 'banners' here...I mean something visually appealing
that ties in with the theme of his site. Brown with flashing dots doesn't
cut it! I appreciate that not everyone has the ability to create great graphics,
but if he had the wherewithall to find/or design that wallpaper...he has the
wherewithall to find/design guitars, etc. and I think it would help sell
his products/site...but then as I said I'm the virtual venus kind...nitpicky!

>Give me speed and clarity, anytime. His site is fine in that

Agreed...think he probably appreciates all the feedback, as it helps to
look at things from different persectives...many times the person closest
to the project fails to see the forest for the trees!

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