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Re: jim or any kind soul out there pls help
From Deb on 31 May '00
replying to jim or any kind soul out there pls help posted by uma

>Is there any hope? what am i doing wrong?

Well...first of all, the name means nothing to me in terms of auctioning,
unless it's short for Yell'em (i.e. call out the bids). I don't get the I doubt either will the public at large or the search engines....

More importantly...your bids are in rupees, which I imagine places your
site somewhere in India and correct me if I'm wrong but would I want to
buy a car from India? How the heck would one go about getting a car from
India to the US anyhow???

Now, considering your trying to go global (I assume this is your intent
thus the desire for ranking among the well known SE's) I find it hard to
believe you'd consider bidding in your native currency to be condusive
to drawing in customers from around the world....

I'd aim for local advertising and research to find local SE's then submit
to them one by one...can't see a global market for your business as it's
now set up, but I could be wrong...

Best of luck anyhow,


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