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Re: .COM vs. .CO.UK
From Brian on 9 June '00
replying to Re: .COM vs. .CO.UK posted by Peter Cox

Yes I agree with you( would do the same.)
and technically it should not matter but sites do get
prefrences over US based .com's

Is this what NAFTA was to clear up and make economics truly world wide?

The only other reasons for this would be for local economical and
political reasons.

The only solution would be to create a truly world wide search engine
which will not discriminate on location or content unless you really only can read a certain language.


The only other thing I could really think of is if you appeal and
target a page just for uk readers--- aka "UK PORTAL"

I will research this and see if this is the case.

>I am keeping both (I wasn't intending otherwise) but at the moment the only way I think I can solve this is by having both webhosted (i.e. double the money) - which is what I want to avoid.
>>Don't switch at all keep both.........
>>>Whoa!! How much to learn? Building a web page is like carrying a wet shetland pony the wrong way up an escalator.
>>>However, I'm almost there. Just one thing is really bugging me, "SEARCH ENGINES". My particular problem is that I've built the site on an Easyspace ".com" and I'm pretty sure that disadvantages or even denies me entries in "" specific search engines, d'oh!
>>>I own the "" equivalent of my domain name and am reluctant to switch the site from the ".com" to the "" domain (as most of our customers already know it's there).
>>>Anybody got ideas about how I could resolve this given the constraints mentioned (NB, as cheaply as possible)?

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