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Re: Promoting an pre-made site??
From Karen at Scentagious! Discount Brand Name Fragrances on 15 July '00
replying to Promoting an pre-made site?? posted by Chris Mork

>Please note, I am seeking advice BEFORE I set up a page.. hence no url.
>I am thinking about purchasing an "e-commerce" site that allows 100
>products to be sold.. it has secure merchant accounts and shopping
>cart software as part of the package. Here's my problem..
>It is made of pre-made templates (no frames :-)) BUT, I only have
>limited control over titles/meta-tags/content on 3 pages (the "home"
>page, the "directory" page, and the "promotions" page. ALL the other
>pages are boiler-plate, with product pictures, prices, etc., set by
>the company. I think this may limit search engines, spiders, etc. from
>thoroughly listing/promoting my site. Does anyone think this "package"
>e-commerce site is worth using? What's the use of selling online if
>I can't promote it properly!
>Here is a url of a "sample" site the company provides..
>This is one of the pages I have a limited control over (title/meta).
>Is this worth investing $1000 US in or should I get my own domain
>and host (MUCH more expensive!)
>Chris Mork
>Owner, CCG Sales

I'm not sure where you're getting the info that your own domain and host is much more expensive than $1000, unless you're including the cost of having a site made for you, but the most you'll pay for a domain is $70 upfront for 2 years,and $35 a year thereafter, and you can find quality e-commerce webhosting, including top-of-the-line shopping cart software for unlimited products (like miva merchant), 300 or more mb of disk space, telnet access, ftp access, your own cgi-bin, pre-installed cgi-scripts, 20 or so POP3 email accounts, unlimited email aliases and redirects, autoresponders, subscribable maillists, secure servers, SSI, and, and, and.... virtually everything you would need for a professional small-business ecommerce site that you can control, promote, and grow....for about $35 a month, with maybe a $100 set up fee. And there's so much competition, with a little looking around, you may find some "specials" going on with even better deals than that. Try a search on ecommerce web hosting.

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