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Re: HELP! (attn Melanie especially)
From Jeff on 16 July '00
replying to HELP! posted by Sheldon

>Boy, do I need help! I never did ecpect this to be easy but I'm really disappointed. I started my first adult paysite about three weeks ago and thought that I was doing everything right...Yes, I know there's a lot of competition but THAT doesn't scare me. The problem is nobody visits! About 5 of 10 hits per day (and I'm paying $900 per month for content!)I manually submitted to the majors (Now listed on Yahoo, Starting Point and Alta Vista) I designed doorway pages for the major jeywords an ...Nothing! Anyone out there who can tell me what I'm doing wrong before I call the suicide line :-)

Yahoo! just started charging porno sites $600 for quick review vs the
$199 it charges the rest of us. Yahoo claims adult sites take far longer
to review because of various spamming techniques. Think about all the
time ISPs and SEs etc spend dealing with porno spam. I'd guess adult
sites are going to see a more expensive internet.

Melanie I can't believe you took all that time to help this guy build
a better porno site. Maybe you can give me a site review. Know where
I can get some free bomb gifs?

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