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From exbrrit on 16 July '00
replying to Re: HELP! posted by Melanie

>First of all, a disclaimer - I'm NOT in a porno business :-) The following
>advice is something that comes from years being on the net...
>Promoting an adult site, like any other site, takes hard work. Visitors
>just won't be magically coming in and getting memberships at your site.
>The traffic-building tactics that many adult webmasters use include:
>* Banner advertizing on other adult sites
>* Reciprocal links with other adult sites
>* Posting free pictures on porno thumbnail sites - do a search, you should
>find those sites. Below the picture you put the link to your site...
>* Posting free pictures in adult binary newsgroups - with link to your site
>of course
>* Lots of FREE content on your own site so people get interested in seing
>* Erotic stories on your site that will make people want to see what's inside
>I clicked on your link to see your site, and no offense but this site sucks.
>The design is very poor and unprofessional. Check out other leading porno sites
>and compare them to yours. Now if you were someone who'd pay for access to
>a porno site, where would you rather go? You have a bunch of pictures
>flying around in a java applet, no introduction, no free content - if I was
>a surfer looking for some porn, I'd leave this site as soon as it's loaded!
>Do you really believe in the product you are trying to sell?
>Sorry if I'm being too harsh, but that's just constructive criticism.
Hi Melanie Am I insulted? Of couse not. I asked for opinions and you gave me your frank one which is fine and I will give your points serious consideration. I have been looking into recipricol links of course. The only problem, where the heck do you stick all the other people's banners. They make one's site look like garbage! I look at the major sites and most of them don't seem to feature other people's banners. Maybe that's because they are now established. I do thank you for your comments and, if I wanted only nice comments I wouldn't have bothered asking...Cheers.

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