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Re: HELP! (attn Melanie especially)
From Sheldon on 16 July '00
replying to Re: HELP! (attn Melanie especially) posted by Melanie

>I took the time to reply to that person about the porno site because as
>long as the site does not contain or advocate sex involving minors,
>non-concentual sex acts, hate propaganda, copyright violations or anything
>else I consider illegal I just look at it as a web professional. So I just
>just gave the guy my professional opinion.
>I think there is nothing wrong with the porno sites that don't fall into
>the criteria that I listed above. The porno industry has its clients...
>they are among us, and you'd be surprised if you found out who they
>actually are...
>It is not a secret that those people who seem so conservative and politically
>correct, and close their eyes and ears when someone mentiones "sex" are the
>ones that come home and do some quite bizzare stuff in their bedrooms.
Bravo Melanie, I was going to answer that email but I couldn't have said it better. I don't follow any religions yet I have a dating site and don't hesitate to link to Christian sites. Why must everyone try to impose THEIR personal values on everyone else. Best wishes...Sheldon

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