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Re: Need help getting top listing in Yahoo...
From Anne on 16 Sept '00
replying to Re: Need help getting top listing in Yahoo... posted by Marc Breeze

The link here takes you to a web site that says it will email you "free" info on how to get listed on Yahoo. You are then emailed a link to a site that tells you that you must pay $20 for this "free" info. After going thru various clicking on "send" and being emailed link after link that wanted money, I did get this address: that did allow a free ebook to be downloaded. After downloading and installing, I have yet to find any specific info on getting listed on Yahoo, other than general info that is already listed on this site!

If I am missing anything PLEASE let me know! I have been successful at getting one site listed on Yahoo (an actual SITE match, not just a page match from Google) but have been trying for 5 MONTHS to get a second site listed!! I am leery of paying the 199$ as it doesn't guarantee anything...

>This site helped me get a top3 listing on Yahoo.
>(for my site
>>I was wondering if someone provides a service to get listed in the top category of yahoo directory. I need this service for my site(Newspaper Advertising Resource).
>>If anyone can provide an awesome reliable service for getting good position in yahoo then email me. Don't forget, if you're emailing me to visit my site so that you can get a feel for what I'm wanting to get listed in yahoo.

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